Why do Blue Lions dominate their field?

The average time range for a new hire to become active at full capacity is eight months to a year from date of hire. This equates to a loss of more than 700 billable hours (when based on a 40 hour week) during that time period.

The reason for this is simple, the skills needed to succeed are so specialized that until now it was only possible to obtain it from seasoned individuals within the company when time and budget allowed.

Blue Lion eliminates the normal time and budget deficit by providing  40 and 80 hour course packages taught by seasoned natural resources professionals from both the public and private sector.  New hires are provided with a comprehensive reference binder and a personal support subscription with Blue Lion to ensure that they succeed and increase productivity faster.

Blue Lion is unique.

No one else offers specialized training packages explicitly designed for natural resources professionals. We offer the courses that real world professionals utilize the most and combine with skills in project management and organization. Though courses are intense, a low instructor to student ratio, comfortable learning environment and emphasis on discussion make the work engaging. Blue Lion is committed to providing educational opportunities for natural resources professionals that are starting their career, transitioning from another career, currently completing traditional education or wish to learn new skills.